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New Client: Media-Saturn

We’re delivering our software consultancy services on-site in Munich to a division of Media-Saturn, Europe’s largest electronics retailer, working with the CMS Pimcore and the LAMP stack.

Media-Saturn and its subsidiaries: MediaMarkt, Saturn and Redcoon

Extension: Vodafone

We’re continuing our relationship with Vodafone, delivering PHP and Oracle development services.

New Client: Vodafone

We’re proud to be supplying on-site software consultancy services to one of the UK’s largest Mobile Network Operators, working predominantly in PHP backed with Oracle.

50 articles for

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I won’t try to pretend this was a team effort – I’m the only knitter at Stainless Sabrewing! Writing about my favourite craft for has been a real joy. We’ve covered some real practical topics (well, essential for knitters anyway!) and some just-for-fun pieces. My 50th piece combines two pleasures: knitting and travel. Read all about Knitting in New Zealand.

New client: Turn2Tek

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It’s always a pleasure to work with other IT start-ups, so we were thrilled to provide copywriting services to Turn2Tek. An ambitious new project, based in 5 countries, their goal is to provide onshore quality by nearshoring. In a nutshell, they find experienced, qualified staff in Eastern Europe to complete projects or support teams in Switzerland, the UK and Germany.

A year working with Expatica

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Go to the work is a founding principle for us at Stainless Sabrewing, so we’re proud to supply regular articles for Based in the Netherlands, Expatica provide advice and information to help expats deal with daily life in the 11 countries. We’ve written dozens of articles for them, covering topics from travel (fancy spending A week in Bali like a local?) to housing (Renting in the Netherlands) and finance (Your guide to Swiss mortgages). 

A year working with BoxChilli

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While new jobs are always exciting, it’s great to build lasting relationships with great people. BoxChilli are an independent digital design agency, working across a wide range of online topics. They focus on building and growing websites for local and international clients. We’re glad to lend our strength to theirs.

Contract end:

After 6 months of providing PHP /web tech design and development services, we’ve successfully concluded our contract with them.

hl apr 2014

It’s been pleasing to be part of the team that has helped them tick over 200,000 properties listed and improve revenues significantly (though an NDA prevents me giving further details!). We wish them all the best.

Knitting a Nobel at

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I was asked to write a series of blog posts for on travelling and knitting, and knitting techniques. They’re a new online business and ship great yarn, patterns and books around the world. They’re based in London, so if I’m very lucky I might get to visit the Hall of Yarn next time I’m in the capital.

They’ve published the first two posts:

Knitting a Nobel about knitting at the Nobel Museum in Stockholm
4 ways to cast on

As a keen knitter, and former reviews editor for Simply Knitting magazine, I’m thrilled to be writing about knitting on a regular basis. Any topic suggestions welcome!

Effective Software Developer Attitudes to QA People at

QA comms article on the front page of

softwaretestingmagazine is today running another Stainless article, Effective Software Developer Attitudes to QA People as its headline piece. Previous SS series featured there are my PHPUnit primers and Elizabeth’s on transitioning to Agile testing.